Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anti Aging Skin Care

Often people over the age of 45 look for anti aging skin care surgeries. In a world where even a cup of coffee nowadays can cost you around $5 anti aging skin care surgery can actually rob you of your one month salary. But more distressing is the fact that the results of this surgery in some cases last only weeks. And thus the money spent is like dropping your money in water.

The market for surgery as a method of skin care has gained immense momentum and for this reason there are also many surgical procedures to hide that ever increasing age of yours but at a very nominal rate. Now thus women who are in the middle income bracket can also afford to hide their real age through anti aging skin care surgeries.

Loss of Collagen is the main reason for which most f the people look older than he or she really is. Collagen is the fatty substance in our body that causes the skin to feel and look tight. Losing collagen causes the skin in the body to sag and depress. Thus a person looks older and thus gets wrinkles.

Apart from surgery there are also other forms of anti age skin care treatments that are available other than surgery. Few of them are mentioned below.

The first is an FDA or Food and Drug Association, America approved anti age skin care product known by the name Sculptra. Sculptra specifically deals with correction and restoration of loss of facial fat loss. This process of loss of facial fat is also called as Lipoatrophy. Lipo means fat and the other part atrophy means loss. Lipoatrophy can lead to severe indentations, hollow eyes and also sunken cheeks.

In Sculptra there is an ingredient called Poly-L-Latic Acid which helps in dealing with the problem of fat loss. Naturally this ingredient is produced when we exercise. In this product the synthetic version of Poly-L-Latic Acid is used. The doctor injects the sculptra directly into the depressed area of the skin. The ingredients in the injection will cause the depressed areas to fill within a very short period of time. Within weeks a natural increase in softness of the hollowed or depressed areas is seen and in fact that area where the Sculptra is injected begins to expand for many days.

This product costs you only $500. This product has also received a wide popularity because of its use by HIV patients. As many HIV patients suffer Lipoatrphy, Sculptra is a very viable option to cure it. So it is a very good alternative to the more costly surgical procedures to remove wrinkles and other aging signs from your face.

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